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Printing & Decoupage

FREE PDF READER This is a link to a free PDF reader provided by Adobe. In order to view and print UITC™ digital images you will require this type on software. 

Pro Tips for Digital Inserts/Images:

Print your image on 11x17 paper that is 24-32 lb, once printed, cut out the circle containing the image. We strongly recommend using a professional printer unless you have a good quality lazer printer, the ink from other printers WILL RUN! Affix to your wreathing frame using a thin layer of podge or decoupage. Spread the adhesive over the entire solid middle of the frame, make sure you get right to the first row of holes around the centre, foam paint brushes work best. Apply image making sure the hanging holes for the wreath are at the top and centered. You will have some time to move the image around before it sets, use this time to make sure the image is centered. Then working from the centre outward, squeegee the image to ensure you remove all air bubbles and creases. Once dried you can spray with a sealant to ensure weatherproof. 

Video Tutorials - Professionally Printing UITC™ Images

Staples USA

Office Depot/Max

Staples CANADA

How to save onto a USB stick/Jump drive

 Decoupage Instructions 

Decoupage Video Tutorial