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UITC™ Tutorials & Patterns

Learn how to make every UITC™ wreath design step by step! We've created an extensive free video tutorial library where each of our specialized wreath frames has its own dedicated playlist; each playlist includes several popular UITC™ designs that you can learn to make with video instruction!

At UITC™ we pride ourselves on reducing our carbon footprint and producing as little waste as possible! As such, we do not offer paper instructions. We offer free creation support through customer service at and our video tutorials, both help us maintain our commitment to the environment! If at any time you need assistance, we are always happy to help however we can! 

Let us help you go from Beginner to Pro in just one go! Visit our FREE Video Tutorial Library HERE! Each UITC™ wreath frame has its very own playlist, happy viewing! 

UITC™ Wreath Frame Pattern Printouts are available for free! Print it, plan it and create the perfect wreath every time! 

Flower Frame Pattern (blank)

Character Frame Pattern (blank)

Tree Frame Pattern (blank)

Horse Frame Pattern (blank)


2 Tree Frame Butterfly Wreath LEFT wing  RIGHT wing