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676. When a cardinal visits "VINYL" image center

Unique in the Creek

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676. When a cardinal visits "VINYL" image center

Unique In The Creek vinyl image inserts are designed for use with our Character Board. Each Peel And Stick Image Is Premium Quality 3M Vinyl With An Adhesive That Is Pressure Sensitive. Each Image Can Be Re-positioned Several Times On Our Boards With Ease And Without Damaging The Image. Once Positioned Ideally, Then Pressure Is Applied To Bond The Substrate To The Wreath Board. Each Image Is Entirely Laminated With A Sealant That Protects The Images From Scratching And UV Rays So The Image Stays Vibrant For A Long Time In Even The Harshest Of Weather Conditions. No Podging And No Wiring Your Wreath Signs In Place Anymore. 

***ALL Images are property of  UNIQUE IN THE CREEK™ LTD to be used with the UITC™ Character Board.   It is strictly prohibited to copy Unique in the Creek™ Images in any manner.   You may use Unique in the Creek™ wreathing system for teaching purposes also in selling a completed wreath with the Unique in the Creek™ board.  All lists and patterns are owned by Unique in the Creek™. The UITC™ wreathing board is covered by a DESIGN and UTILITY Patent.  Infringement can result in legal issues.

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